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The folk is where our roots are.

The rustic soil is where real art thrives, where nature breeds inspiration and where ethnicity brings vibrancy to life. That is where you discover the real essence of life and joy of living. Deep-rooted in the heart of Jharkhand- Rusicaa is an attempt to blur the disparity between the tribal communities and mainstream

society and to bring them to the forefront of modern civilization, through a socio-economic outlet of art, craft, and business.

Lead by founder and entrepreneur, Doman Tudu, Rusicaa brings out the core essence of tribal heritage and their stories, through unique works of art, craft, and creativity. Rusicaa is a reflection of India’s tribal heritage and ethnicity. Ingrained in tradition yet exhibiting a touch of modernity, the products of Rusicaa make a sustainable connect in a day to day lives of people. The brand believes that true talent and creativity sees no boundaries, class or caste and resonates the endless potential of the one of the most significant communities of our society.

Aptly named Rusicaa, which means ‘joyful’ in the Santhali language, the brand intends to spread joy and cheer amongst the masses with its incredible ingenuity in music, design, fashion, and handicrafts.

Rusicaa aims to provide a platform to immensely talented and creative tribal artists across India to showcase their skills and find the much-needed exposure for their communities.

What started as nimble baby steps of incorporating tribal murals and wall paintings in fashion merchandise and household products, Rusicaa has come a long way in the years gone by and grew in multitude.

Rusicaa Brand

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