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Rusicaa Trends

Baha Magazine

E-commerce gateway is the need of the modern world and one of the critical point of sale for any brand. The platform provides an exclusive online presence to Rusicaa products and promotes tribal fashion and lifestyle trends and collections.

BAHA Magazine

The pride of Rusicaa, the BAHA magazine opens a door to the Santals and other tribal communities. The magazine showcases young women from the ethnic groups as models, designers and artists. A highly acclaimed and recognized publication, the BAHA magazine focuses on reviving old folk traditions, for the newer generations, as well as introducing new trends in the community lifestyle.

Rusicaa Fashion Show

Baha Fashion

A fashion initiative by Rusicaa to showcase the creativity, beauty and charm of the ethnic women and their apparel designs.

Rusicaa TV

Rusicaa TV

Initially started as a music and entertainment platform, Rusicaa TV, an online channel, contributes to India’s rich folk art and culture. By showcasing the community’s talent in music, film-making and production, Rusicaa TV aims to create a niche for the tribal taste and talent in music and entertainment.